Submitting website to search engines is pretty much the way to get listed in them & probably rank as well.  When Google hit the scene, Search Engines were all about indexing as many web sites as possible. Google with its mindset of being different decided to add more strategies for websites to rank well. One of them was “Link Popularity” or “Backlinks”.

  • Backlink – A link back to your website.
  • Link Popularity – A web page with the most number of quality backlinks will enjoy link popularity & In turn high Page Rank.
  • Page Rank – PR is Rank given by Google on a scale of 1- 10 to rate the popularity of a web page.

Each time a website receives a backlink , it is counted as a vote in its favor in front of Google.Previously, only Google was known to give importance to a websites backlinks, but now MSN’s new avatar BING has listed “quality backlinks” as one of the ways to rank well in it.

High Page Rank:

The number of links pointing to a web page is an indication of the page’s value. Hence, if the number of backlinks of your web page is high, Search Engines conclude that your web page is important and denotes the same with a “Page Rank”.

Backlinks not only bring searchbots to a webpage, but also human visitors. A person visiting one of the sites linking back to you might click on your link URL and land up on your website.

Your web site may be full of great content, but if no one cites you as an authoritative source, then even Google or Bing won’t take any notice of you. Consider your website to be like a city. If a city isn’t connected to other major cities or important places by road, nobody would consider the city as important but rather just another ordinary city.

But, one shouldn’t get fooled in the business of building backlinks for their website. Search Engines appreciate quality backlinks; backlinks from important, relevant and reliable web sites. In fact, Google & Bing have had a lot to say about backlinks in their respective blogs

Quicker Indexing of  website:

Each time a searchbot indexes a web page, it follows the links on that page to index those web pages & follows the link on those web pages and so on. More number of backlinks means quicker indexing by search engines.